Fleet management outsourcing

Loftice provides Car Fleet Management services for our clients - complete and cost-effective solutions for corporate fleets including vehicle purchase, all maintenance services and fleet sales.  

Fleet audit

You can benefit from getting Loftice professional and independent expertise thorough analysis of the existing fleet management structure. As a result we will provide you with a report on efficiency of existing structure of fleet management and recommendations of what needs to be done to achieve cost saving.

Fleet management outsorcing

We offer our clients tailor made fleet management solutions and services to suit each and every client's needs. Loftice will take care of managing all processes and providers related to car fleet in a cost effective way. We will also work with state inspections and insurance companies as well as organize and maintain documents flow providing you a clear and transparent report on a monthly basis. Our focus with car fleet management is to provide continuity in service as well as make sure all services are well tuned and fully adapted to your business needs.

Document flow management

Fleet management is always a massive and time consuming document flow. Loftice is ready to offer our clients the facility of revising all expenses our clients receive from all contractors during the month. We are able to provide these revisions distantly from our office thus saving your office space.

As a result we will forward reviewed service invoices due for payment to the client for direct payment to suppliers. 

Fleet management is always a massive and time consuming document flow. Loftice is ready to offer our clients the facility of revising all expenses our clients receive from all contractors during the month. We are able to provide these revisions distantly from our office thus saving your office space. As a result the client will get a report in electronic format from Loftice on the correctness of closing documents for the period from the suppliers.  

Other fleet-related services

Fleet management requires a lot of activities connected with regular involvement in routine processes (dealing with a number of contractors, keeping document flow, etc). We will assist you in dealing with state authorities and insurance companies to ensure prompt and proper compliance with regulatory requirements. We conduct defensive driving seminars and qualification test drives upon your request. We also give clients an independent recommendation regarding vehicle disposal and organize either private bidding (company employees only) or attract wide network of resale channels.

Project management: Office relocation

If you plan to redesign your office space or move to a new one, Loftice can plan and manage this tedious but very important project for you from the preliminary premises screening to the first working day in the office.

Search of new office space

A thorough and deep market research needs to be done before you make a decision about your new office. It is a study of great worth. The smart way to do it is to deal with the variants matching your particular needs and preliminary evaluated accordingly. Location and rental terms are obvious key factors that influence your decision, but there are a lot more to be taken into consideration. Loftice professional team will screen the market, select several most suitable options and prepare a report for you that includes:

  • costs analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • estimation of technical conditions for every selected office space
  • layout draft

Loftice, as a tenant representative, conducts analysis of the office lease agreement and conduct negotiations with the potential landlord.

Office Design

If you need space planning solutions for your new office or if you just need to develop a new layout in your current premises, please use the professional help of Loftice team. We will develop a layout for your particular needs keeping in mind your budget restrictions and in full compliance with all legislative rules and standards.

Office Move

Usually office move causes a headache. It is not such a disaster if you have a professional action plan, detailed and simple instructions for your employees and smooth logistics with the moving company. This is the best way to go through the office move and finish it in time without any disruptions for the business processes. Sounds too easy to believe? All the time we arrange office moves for other companies and will be glad to help you. No headache! Guarantied.

Office renovation

Complex office renovation is a project that should be completed within deadlines. Any delays mean an increase of office expenses. In order to meet deadlines and have the desired quality it is crucial to select the reliable subcontractor, indicate the volume and types of works and ensure a regular control over the process. Loftice will conduct a tender for general contractor’s services, prepare a detailed technical workstatement for fit-out construction services, and fully supervise the construction woks in line with the approved project plan. This is how our clients get their offices renovated in time, with due quality and in line with the budget.

Staff records management and payroll services

Outsourcing of staff records management is an effective instrument that allows companies to keep personnel documents in compliance with the labor law and tax legislation. We realize very clearly that inaccuracy in personnel documentation may cause unpleasant consequences. That is why we offer out clients the solutions of specific tasks based on our experience of passing through multiple inspections, labor lawsuits and litigations. We always consider the situation comprehensively, i.e. not only through the lens of the legislation norms but also based on the specifics of your business, because each situation is unique.

Payroll services

Payroll service includes:

  • All calculations of accruals to the personnel and subcontractors performing their duties by civil law agreements
  • Calculations of all remunerations such as transportation, meal allowances, cell phones etс
  • Calculation of vacation and sickness leaves, compensations for unused vacation days, severance pays and other types of compensations stipulated by the law of the Russian Federation
  • Calculation of taxes and insurance premium from the wages fund stipulated by the law of the Russian Federation
  • Preparation of pay-rolls with breakdown by types of charges, deductions and cost centers
  • Preparation of pay slips for employees
  • Preparation of reports on sick leaves calculations
  • Preparation of wage references for employees at their resignation (form 4-H)
  • Preparation of 2- NDFL reference
  • Preparation of payment documents
  • Preparation of mandatory payroll tax reports
  • Client support during inspections

Payroll can be executed in the software application used by the client as well as in the application used by Loftice (1C – ZUP).

If service is provided remotely we can organize client regular visits to ensure proper signing of all documents. All documents will be sent to the client by mail when calculation is completed.

Payroll service may be supplemented by the service of staff records management if needed.

Outsourcing of staff records management

We are always ready to share our expertise in staff records management, solve tricky tasks helping to avoid financial and law risks. Our service of staff records management includes generation of staff records on the following personnel procedures:

  • Employment process
  • Change of terms in labor agreement
  • Leave assignment
  • Business trips
  • Dismissal
  • Employees’ Incentives
  • Bringing to overtime work
  • Application of disciplinary punishments
  • Drawing up of liability agreements
  • Records of working hours
  • Other necessary records

Service of staff records management can be provided on site as well as remotely. If service is provided remotely we can organize regular client visits to ensure proper signing of all documents and filing. Otherwise all documents may be sent to the client by mail.

Staff records management service may be supplemented by the payroll service if needed.

Audit of staff records

Frequently in an effort to optimize company expenses and lower profit tax it is necessary to audit both accounting and personnel documentation.

We offer our clients full audit of staff records system, identifying areas for improvement and, what even is more important, we provide effective solutions for particular business situations that imply optimization and risks reduction for the company.

We offer 2 options of staff records audit:

«Standard» - audit of compliance of the existing staff records to the labor law regulations.

«Advanced» - audit of compliance of the existing staff records to the employees accruals.

Each type of audit can be carried out in the following ways:

  • by defined period;
  • by defined employees list;
  • by defined type of staff records;
  • by defined HR process.

We guarantee high quality expertise based on our rich practice and profound professional knowledge.

Recovery and design of staff records

Building correct personnel administration process in the company is sometimes a complicated task implying thorough preparation of all necessary staff records.

We are ready to assist you in recovery or design of the correct personnel documentation. We can:

  • design the templates of the necessary documents taking into account the company’s specifics;
  • design the local policies, both obligatory and specific to HR processes in the company;
  • recover the missing staff records.

Recovery of documentation will allow you to bring order into your operations with personnel and pass successfully both regular and target inspections by governmental authorities (including tax inspections).

Labour law consulting

The aim of consulting, as we understand it, is to provide the client with the information and professional expertise that will help the client to make well balanced and competent decisions in managing its personnel related processes.

Our experts will gladly assist you with the following:

  • professional consultation by phone or by e-mail either immediately or within 2-3 hours from your inquiry;
  • consultation on practical usage of legislative norms;
  • practical recommendations on your particular case handling.

We guarantee the high quality consultancy based on our extensive practical experience and knowledge.

Set up of personnel administration process and professional training

If your company is just starting its operations or if you have decided to pay more attention to the personnel administration process, we are ready to assist you in setting up all necessary standard personnel policies and procedures such as:

  • employment process
  • change of labor terms ( job position, salary, business unit etc)
  • secondment
  • leave assignment
  • dismissal
  • other personnel related policies

Depending on your needs we can also design and conduct an individual training program for your personnel administration staff.


Outsourcing of administrative support

Loftice provides full outsourcing of administrative support for the office. We will design and organize office administration accoding to the needs of your business. To ensure the efficiency of admin support we will conduct a comlex analysis of your needs and shape the most optimal service model for your company. Office can be your second home!

Reception outsourcing

We will organize your reception in line with best practices and your specific requirements. We will carefully select the receptionists, train them and coach to work on your reception. You will not have to worry any more about replacements and constant training of newcomers. You may be sure that your reception will always work as you want.

Mail room outsourcing

We will take care of you mail room: incoming and outgoing correspondence/loads, organization of business trips, transportation for your employees and car fleet coordination. Loftice will organize and supervise service logistics and paper flow with providers and ensure the required level of quality.

Office maintenance outsourcing

Comfort in the office takes a lot of efforts. Loftice can assist you in a number of time consuming office maintenance duties:

  • Communication with your landlord and supervision of suppliers
  • Set up and service of the meeting rooms (booking, snacks supply, equipment)
  • Set up of new work stations and inter office moves of employees
  • Fixing of furniture and small repairs in the office
  • Organization of the office cleaning

Service should be user-friendly for the client and for the provider. Modern administrative support cannot be efficient enough without automation. Providing services, Loftice uses a specially designed IT application “EFFICE” – it is an automation solution for office administration. It helps a lot to make support invisible and really helpful. EFFICE is very simple and functional:

  • Unlimited number of users can work simultaneously
  • Expenses can be approved and screened
  • Service requests flow is fully automated and can be screened at any stage