Payroll &
HR services

We will provide HR administration and payroll calculation for your staff.
We organize
HR administration and payroll
HR administration
Hiring administration

Changes of the terms of the employment contract

Vacation administration

Business trip administration

Dismissal administration

Employee’s incentives

Engaging in overtime or weekend work

Application of disciplinary penalties

Issuing the material liability contracts

Keeping records of working hours and much more
Payroll accounting
Calculation of the amounts of salaries and other payments to employees, as well as to performers providing services under civil law contracts

Сalculation of reimbursements (travel, meals, mobile communication, etc.)

Сalculation of sick leaves, vacations, compensations for unused vacation, severance payments and other types of compensations and payments stipulated by law

Calculation of taxes and insurance contributions from the salary fund stipulated by law

Preparation of payroll statements for employees, broken down by types of accruals and deductions, by cost centers

Preparation of payslips of employees, certificates of earnings upon dismissal of an employee (4-N), certificates of personal income tax

Preparation of mandatory forms of tax and state payroll reporting

Customer support during state monitoring checks and inspections
The capacity of our offices in Moscow and Yaroslavl allow us to provide HR and payroll services to clients of any business field, with any geography and headcount.